Chris Malone

Raised on the Oregon Coast, I'm a professional photographer and pixel artist, living and playing in Coos Bay, Oregon part of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My interest in photography dates back to my childhood, and as a teenager during the 80's Heavy Metal music scene I helped a high school friend photograph concerts and events with metal bands of the era. As a young adult in the U.S. Army, I had to retreat some from film photography due to the costs of developing and raising a young family, but in the late 90's I rekindled my passion for photography with digital point and shoot cameras. One of my childhood interests has always been aviation, and the love of flying. In 2009, a friend let me borrow a DSLR for a trip to an air show. I had always hoped to one day be able to break the bonds of a point and shoot and reach out and capture those beautiful aircraft up close. I did just that and the photos I took brought tears to my eyes with joy, which led to my first Nikon DSLR purchase. My story continues from there with that passion growing very serious in 2010.