Cheryl Harris

I have been interested in photography since I was a young girl-as evidenced by a short clip on a Super 8 movie reel, with me at age five with an Instamatic camera at the beach. In high school I took a photography class where I learned darkroom and printing techniques and was really hooked. I attended Endicott College in Beverly, MA where I earned an Associate’s degree in Photography. My interest at that time was to try to make a living as commercial photographer shooting product and fashion photography in medium and large format. I shared a studio in Boston with a fellow fashion photographer, worked in several professional photo labs, and was a photographer’s assistant and studio manager to some of the top photographers in Boston. After making photography my career path for more than 10 years, I decided the commercial photography field was not for me-after all I was shooting the inspiration and design of others and not my vision. So I left photography as a 9-5 (or whatever hours the art director wanted us to work until) job, and pursued a regular office job, where it was easier to earn a living, and where I have been now for more than 28 years. On my own time, now, I pursue what I want to take pictures of.