Aron Radford

I am a landscape photographer and digital artist based on the Essex/Suffolk border. I specialise in waterway and coastal photography in and around East Anglia. I travel the length and breadth of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk capturing the beauty this wonderful part of the country has to offer whether that's through running workshops or expanding my personal portfolio. I am still unsure why I am particularly drawn to landscapes and seascapes but it’s probably because my late father used these two elements extensively within his watercolour paintings when I was a child. It has been said that my photos have a 'painterly' feel to them which I also guess is also due to my late father's influences and my own strong love of art when I was younger. I am country raised and love getting out to beautiful serene locations in East Anglia when no one else is around trying to capture their special rural idyllic country charm. Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk aren't the obvious counties most people associate with beautiful landscapes and vistas but I am keen to change this misconception and show the intrinsic beauty East Anglia holds.