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Like many other landscape photographers, you must have thought of having a book with your images published. However, what are the costs? How do you promote it? Who is going to publish it? Deborah Hughes has put together a comprehensive guide with advice on what to look for and what to avoid

My first cognition of boundprint photography, aside from the pages of black-tipped memories snapped from my mother’s Brownie, was the December 6, 1963 cover of LIFE magazine. A few days past two months younger than I, Caroline Kennedy stands awaiting her father’s funeral procession. Her 6-year-old, white-gloved hand is flanked by the white-gloved hands of two military officers forming a cocoon around the young girl, her mother, and her brother. A blurred bayonet measures her stature, though not her loss and offers no protection from their grief. From that six-year-old viewing until this day, the inside articles…

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Deborah Hughes

Deborah Hughes distills her close connection to the desert through intimate and artistic photographic expressions. Her keen eye focuses on what most pass by, capturing impressionistic and abstract landscapes.


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    Jill Parris on

    I have been asked by man to help him market his naive rawings and his poetry. He is not computer savy and lives in South Africa.
    I have made several Artisan State photobooks for my grand son and thought it wauld be good to do somthing similar but in a glossy magizine format to send him so that he has somthing to take around to art outlets and show off his wares.
    Would your format suit what I have in mind.
    Thank you
    Dr Jill Parris

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