LPM Articles By: Trevor Anderson

Autumn At Cutthroat Pass


Golden larch trees and dramatic mountains in the North Cascades of Washington State create the perfect scene for landscape photography, says Trevor Anderson

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Hierarchy of Needs


In photography, like many things, there is a series of steps that needs to be climbed before we can have a fair knowledge and reach fulfilment as artists

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Capturing Beautiful Compositions


Understanding why a landscape amazes us and finding ways to photograph it to better serve our amazement can enhance the joy of being an artist

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The Wild Light of Iceland


Trevor Anderson was fortunate enough to visit Iceland again the summer of 2014 and photograph its unique landscapes and near endless light and beauty

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Photographing Sunlit Forests


We often associate waterfall and forest photography with evenly-lit overcast conditions, but photographing them under sunny conditions can also be rewarding

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On Flexibility


Flexibility is one of the greatest assets we can have as photographers. Being flexible in your thinking will ensure that every photography trip is memorable

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Landscape Photography’s Many Benefits


Landscape photography can enhance perception and imagination, open up a world of new possibilities, and also take us back to our ancestral roots.

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Glacier Peak Wilderness


Trevor Anderson takes a photography trip to the Glacier Peak Wilderness and finds wildflowers, open spaces and mountain ranges with snow covered peaks.

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Choosing Landscape Photography Destinations


Choosing a landscape photography destination can be challenging but rewarding. Find out how making informed choices will lead to stunning compositions.

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Seeing It Right


The advancement of digital photography is shaping how we view and process an image as the years pass by, says Trevor Anderson.

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Working With Side Light


Side-lighting is challenging to work with and photograph but can result in the creation of stunning imagery. Trevor Anderson sheds some light on this topic

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Choosing The Alternates


Great light in landscape photography can happen unexpectedly, and being prepared from every angle can supply us with valuable confidence of capturing it.

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What You Can Imagine, You Can Conceive


The advancement of software, says Trevor Anderson, allows the modern landscape photographers to expand their imagination both in processing and in the field…

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Capturing The Flow


One of the greatest things about landscape photography is the state of awareness it can evoke. Trevor Anderson shares his thoughts

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Lessons From Mount St Helens


landscape photographer Trevor Anderson shares hi knowledge, experience, tips and techniques on how to photograph mount St Helens in USA

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The Shades Of Mt Rainier, USA


Mount Rainier is a mountain of many different moods and perspectives for landscape photography. Trevor Anderson shares his adventure

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The Power of an Image


As landscape photographers, we play our part by providing the stories and imagery that help shape our history as it relates to our natural world.

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Experiencing The Enchantment Basin

Experiencing the Enchantment Basin featured

Lyall larches, huckleberry, mountain peaks with vivid alpenglow, and big skies with a rosy glow. Trevor Anderson has the story.

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The Magical Snow


There are many hurdles to be faced when seeking to photograph in a snow covered mountain area. Trevor Anderson has the story.

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Photographing Hoh Rain Forest


Photographing Hoh rain forest can be both a challenge and a great opportunity for expression. Trevor Anderson has the story.

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Experiencing The Mystery Of Iceland

Experiencing The Mystery Of Iceland

Trevor Anderson visited and photographed The Mystery Of Iceland and shares his experiences with us.

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Olympic Peninsula, Northwest Washington, USA

Olympic Peninsula, Northwest Washington, USA

Trevor Anderson shares the story of the picture behind his visit to the Olympic Peninsula, Northwest Washington, USA.

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