Author profile: Trevor Anderson

I am Trevor Anderson and I am a Pacific Northwest based Photographer. With the immense natural beauty and recreational opportunities available in my region, I was drawn to exploring the moods of nature while hiking at a relatively young age.



A Remarkable Vista

Trevor Anderson recalls photographing magical and unpredictable conditions, such as the stunning light displays caused by thunderstorms near Mount Rainier

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Cascades in Bloom

Peaking wildflowers and 90-degree temperatures in June! Trevor Anderson shares his experiences from an ever-changing weather system in the Cascade Mountains

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Second Beach

Photographing the low tide at Second Beach on the Olympic Peninsula, on the West Coast of the USA, is a fascinating experience, says Trevor Anderson

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Green Mountain

A dramatic sunset marked Trevor Anderson’s return to Green Mountain in Washington State, for a hike that was eleven years in the making. He shares his story

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Autumn At Cutthroat Pass

Golden larch trees and dramatic mountains in the North Cascades of Washington State create the perfect scene for landscape photography, says Trevor Anderson

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Hierarchy of Needs

In photography, like many things, there is a series of steps that needs to be climbed before we can have a fair knowledge and reach fulfilment as artists

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The Wild Light of Iceland

Trevor Anderson was fortunate enough to visit Iceland again the summer of 2014 and photograph its unique landscapes and near endless light and beauty

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On Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the greatest assets we can have as photographers. Being flexible in your thinking will ensure that every photography trip is memorable

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Glacier Peak Wilderness

Trevor Anderson takes a photography trip to the Glacier Peak Wilderness and finds wildflowers, open spaces and mountain ranges with snow covered peaks.

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Seeing It Right

The advancement of digital photography is shaping how we view and process an image as the years pass by, says Trevor Anderson.

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Working With Side Light

Side-lighting is challenging to work with and photograph but can result in the creation of stunning imagery. Trevor Anderson sheds some light on this topic

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Choosing The Alternates

Great light in landscape photography can happen unexpectedly, and being prepared from every angle can supply us with valuable confidence of capturing it.

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Capturing The Flow

One of the greatest things about landscape photography is the state of awareness it can evoke. Trevor Anderson shares his thoughts

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