LPM Articles By: Mark Bauer

A Guide To Photographic Workshops


Should you join a photographic workshop? Who will you go with? Read our comprehensive guide to landscape photography workshops.

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Gear Test: Hasselblad H5D Review


We examine the Hasselblad H5D. It has a much larger than a 35mm sensor and its dynamic range is supposedly better. The question is: does size really matter?

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A Guide To Winter Landscape Photography


With winter approaching fast on the upper hemisphere, Mark Bauer helped us put together the ultimate guide to winter landscape photography.

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A Guide To: Infrared Photography


Landscape photographer Mark Bauer has put together a fully comprehensive guide to Infrared Photography for the Landscape Photography Magazine readers

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Gear Test • Pentax K5IIs


We asked Mark Bauer to run a full field test on location of the Pentax K5IIs digital SLR camera, here are the results and the full review

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Gear Test: Nikon D800 And D800E


Mark Bauer is testing and reviewing the Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E camera on location and shares his views and findings

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How To Kick-Start Your Creativity


At one time or another, all photographers end up in the photographic doldrums, feeling unmotivated and frustrated; Mark Bauer has some advice for all of us

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Gear Test: Canon 6D


Canon 6D review. Can the new Canon 6D stand up to the competition? Mark Bauer took it for a spin on location and here are his findings

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Gear Test Sigma SD1


We sent Mark Bauer on location with a Sigma SD1 Merrill to find out, and here are his findings

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Hyperfocal Distance Focusing Chart


Hyperfocal distance focusing chart that will help you with accurate focusing, great depth of field and sharp landscape pictures.

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A Guide To Depth of Field


A Guide To Depth of Field and hyperfocal scale and distance. Mark Bauer explains all about Depth of Field, diffraction and hyperfocal distance.

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Gear Test Canon 5D Mk III

Gear Test Canon 5D Mk III featured

Mark Bauer tested and reviewed on location the Canon 5D MkIII and expresses his thoughts. Is this camera good enough for landscape photography?

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Gear Test Olympus OM-D


The Olympus OM-D is arguably the coolest looking new camera of 2012. But can it deliver the goods on location? Landscape photographer Mark Bauer explains.

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