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Spivey Falls, Tennessee, USA


Landscape photograph of Spivey Falls, Tennessee, USA, captured by Landscape Photography Magazine reader Thomas Miller.

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Lapland Experience


Nothing matches the magical feeling of walking through a white forest between trees collapsing under the weight of the snow, welcome to Lapland.

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POTM November 2014 Winner

Tony DelSignore

We wish to congratulate Tony DelSignore from USA, the winner of November 2014 photo of the month competition. Tony wins our $100 grand prize.

Publishing Your Own Book


Deborah Hughes and Beata Moore have put together a comprehensive guide with advice on what to look for and what to avoid when publishing your own book.

In Conversation… Tom Till


A fascinating interview with landscape photographer Tom Till who became one of the photographers who would eventually bring Moab to people’s attention.

Working The Landscape


Working a location is about returning at different times of the day, different seasons and under different weather conditions. Mark Hamblin has the story

ICM • Intentional Camera Movement


ICM involves creating abstract imagery by intentionally moving the camera during the exposure. In other words, deliberately blurring your images

Gear Test: Fuji X-T1


The X-T1 is the latest model from Fuji’s X series of cameras, but how good is it in comparison with its ancestors? We sent Mark Bark to Iceland to find out

Loch Etive


Loch Etive used to be a very popular destination in Scotland with landscape photographers, but since the demolition of its wooden jetty, things have changed

Unlearning the Learnt


Landscape photographers must learn, practice, gain experience and wisdom, then use all this knowledge and allow our vision to surface. Rafael Rojas explains

Rhoscolyn and Patience


Thorough research and patience are the two main ingredients that helped Cheryl Hamer to find the best vantage point and capture this lovely bay in Rhoscolyn

An Inconvenient Truth


Too many photographers opt for the safe and easy path of making beautiful postcards rather than meaningful impressions. Guy Tal has the story