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Loch Maree, Wester Ross, Scotland

Maree Pre-Dawn

Landscape photograph of Loch Maree, Wester Ross, Scotland, captured by Landscape Photography Magazine reader Phil Corley.

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POTM August 2014 Winner


We wish to congratulate Karen McDonald from Scotland for being the winner of August 2014 photo of the month competition. Karen wins our $234 grand prizes.

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Mark Bauer helped us put together a comprehensive guide to filters for Landscape Photography and explains why digital photographers still need them

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Why are panoramic views so attractive and how can we capture the impact in one single photograph? David Hay shares advice on wide view panoramic marvels

Creating Unique Images


To avoid merely standing in the same spot as countless other photographers before you, walk around and try different angles, lenses and vantage points

Featured Artist • Craig Bill


Landscape photography portfolio of featured artist and Landscape Photography Magazine reader Craig Bill from the USA

The Church in the Sea


Cheryl Hamer captures a different landscape photograph of the iconic ‘Church in the Sea’, on the tidal island of Cribinau off the West coast of Anglesey

Touching the Sun


Shooting into the sun is a risky strategy. However this contre-jour technique can produce powerful and compelling images that bear your own trademark

In Conversation… Michael Bollino

In Conversation… Michael Bollino

In an exclusive interview, Michael Bollino reveals his past experiences travelling and photographing the world, as well as his present and future plans

Creative Trees


Mark Hamblin has put together a handy guide to shooting dramatic woodland impressions by thinking outside of the box and letting your imagination run wild

The Briefest of Moments


After a shaky few days spent crossing the Drake Passage, Adam Burton had finally reached Antarctica. He shares the most extraordinary moment of that trip