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Nocturnal Visions Winners

Nocturnal Visions

In the May 2018 issue we have published a special section with images that showcase the eerie charm and character of night-time photography.

$100 Prize

The winner has received the $100 cash prize and the top 3 finalists have won a Gold membership worth $38 each.

Vajolet Towers, Italy
Nikon D810, Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8, f/2.8, 15sec, ISO 4000

This is a panoramic image of the Milky Way arch seen from Re Alberto hut near Vajolet Towers (on the left, partially covered by the fog). The hut is placed in the Gartl hollow, on the Rosengarten group, in the Dolomites of Trentino-Alto Adige, in Italy. Gartl hollow is one of my favourite places in the Dolomites, a location where one can feel lonely – in a good way – and separated from the rest of the world, especially the social life. Due to its position, this is a location among the best to admire the night sky.

We were photographing at an altitude of 2620 meters from sea level. It is amazing to photograph at such elevations as it is always so greatly dark there.

It was an almost clear night even if the fog came and went every ten minutes, which is clearly visible behind the building.

I asked my friend to stand in the distance and illuminate Andromeda with a head torch, it was not easy to study where exactly she had to be placed but we managed do it.

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Issue 87

Lindisfarne, Northumberland, England by Alan Short • Canon 6D, f/2.8, 30sec, ISO 4000

Lindisfarne, Northumberland, England by Alan Short • Canon 6D, f/2.8, 30sec, ISO 4000
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    This is simply breathtaking photography. I always ask my photography and film students to check out blogs about photography because that’s where you will learn the good stuff. I’m going to forward this post and your blog link to my students’ groups because they need to see this. Thanks. Jamie

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