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    WHAT IF • A Concept Sponsored by Lensbaby

    The inspiration of a photographer is like oxygen to the body. Without it, we experience a slow and painful death. Guarding, fuelling and growing in our inspiration is what will keep our artistic life blood flowing.
    Together with Lensbaby, Landscape Photography Magazine is promoting a campaign called ‘What If’. If you are in a place where you are thriving in your craft, we want to hear what keeps you inspired. If you are experiencing an artistic dry spell, we want to know what happens to your photography if you reignite your curiosity and ask yourself the question ‘What If?’

    Ask Yourself, What If?

    Over the coming months, both Landscape Photography Magazine and Lensbaby will be providing you creative prompts that will help you ask this big question, what if?

    What If?

    Think about some of the preconceptions you have about your work. Whether it is a subject, season, or your type of photography, as Kathleen Clemmons says, try something new to challenge yourself

    Characters in a Macro World

    Years ago, most of her macro pictures were of insects on a blurry background. Now, as Anita Kram says, she includes more of the surroundings to tell a story and create characters

    Make Macro Magic

    Learn Kathleen Clemons’ secrets to creating magical macro and flower photography with the Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 50 Optic

    The World Of Flower Photography

    Look into flower photography and you will be amazed at the work of Kathleen Clemons. She is best known for her floral photography which incorporates natural light and unique compositions

    Discover Your Artistic Side

    When we asked Amy Shutt about one element of her photography that was a game changer in her career, she unmistakably said it was the moment she placed her hands on a Lensbaby

    Essential Macro Photography

    Andrea Gulickx’s work first came to our attention in June and we were captivated with the whimsical, fairy tale feel of her images. Follow her advice on this feature

    Macro Secrets

    If you have dabbled in macro, you will likely know his name and reputation for innovation and creativity. Here’s Charles Needle with some valuable advice

    What Are You Curious About?

    What if I took a lens I bought for portrait photography and used it for my landscape work? What would the results be? Andy Hoare explains how his curiosity leads him to try new things

    Joe Porter • A Photographic Journey

    What if you get in a bit of a creative rut and begin to get demotivated? Would you try something different? Something new? Joe Porter tells of the time Lensbaby came into his life

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