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Welcome to the hub for Landscape Photography Magazine. On this page, you will find links to free-to-read interviews and articles, plus all Lens of a Lifetime competition winners as they are announced during 2018-2019. If you would like to earn £100/$100 towards your next purchase, enter today. – Leading the way in buying and selling used equipment

Landscape Photography Magazine and are celebrating the camera lens with a series of features about YOUR ‘Lens of a Lifetime’.

Tell us your stories and showcase your images. Enter and earn a £100 or $100 voucher from

Tell Your Story

Our own individual photographic journeys are all as unique as we are; from what inspires us, the mistakes we make, the subjects we choose, the locations we visit that stay with us forever - to the kit we use along the way.

We spoke to six customers about their own photographic journeys and experiences. Why not invite to accompany you on yours and discover what they can do for you?

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