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    Lens of a Lifetime • WIN £100 / $100

    Landscape Photography Magazine and are celebrating the camera lens with a series of features about YOUR ‘Lens of a Lifetime’.

    We all have our own style of shooting, or preferred focal length. And there has never been more choice or options than we have now.

    • Most of us own several, but which lens holds a special place in your kit bag?
    • Is there a lens you always rely on to deliver?
    • Do you favour primes or zooms?
    • Which lens enabled you to capture a favourite image, master a particular technique, or accompanied you to a special location?

    I really look forward to seeing your images and reading your stories on how a lens might have changed the way you see photography or how it has affected your photographic style.

    WIN £100 or $100

    Tell us your stories and showcase your images. Enter and earn a £100 or $100 voucher from

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