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Fujifilm Legacy Assignments • Submit Your Images And Win

WIN Fujifilm prizes worth over $14,000 USD

With such a rich history in the industry, Legacy is an important concept for FUJIFILM North America Corporation. The belief that photography is an extremely valuable part of world culture and therefore should be protected, lies at the heart of its company philosophy.

With this in mind, the aim is to not only acknowledge the part that the brand plays, but also raise awareness and spark deeper discussions about what kind of legacies we are leaving to future generations.

The places you have traveled to photograph, how you learn and grow in your craft, all adds to the legacy you will leave in your photographic work. Together with FUJIFILM’s Build Your Legacy, Landscape Photography Magazine wants to connect with you, help you grow in your art and award you with five fabulous FUJIFILM prizes worth over $14,000 USD.

Apr - June 2019 Prize


worth $1,299 USD

July - Sep 2019 Prize

X-T20 + 15-45mm

worth $799.95 USD

Oct - Dec 2019 Prize


worth $1,299 USD

Jan - Mar 2020 Prize

X-T20 + 15-45mm

worth $799.95 USD

The 10K Prize • Fujifilm GFX100

At the end of the project, one lucky winner will receive a Fujifilm GFX100 worth $10,000 USD

Exploring the concept of Legacy in twelve assignments

Specially selected by FUJIFILM, these assignments encourage everyone to join the conversation, thinking about what legacy means to them and why it is so important
• Each month, LPM will select and showcase three winning images from that month’s Legacy assignment.
• Each image will receive a constructive and helpful critique by a pro photographer.
• Each image will be promoted across our social media channels.
• Concept is open to all photographers and images taken with all brands of kit.
• Submit as many images in as many categories you wish.
• Entry to Legacy is completely free of charge.
• Select which category you are entering from the drop-down menu in the submission form below.

Previous Assignments • Entries Closed
April: Long Exposures & Water Movement
Creatively using shutter speed to convey movement and flow of water is a gratifying way to use long exposures. How creative are you?

May: Creating Visual Tension
Using lines, shapes and patterns in your images draws the eye from one place to another, making them more exciting. Take us on a visual journey through your images.

June: Where My Feet Have Tread
The places you have photographed are the footprints of your legacy. Share with us an image from the visual story of your journey so far.

July: Intentional Camera Movement
Step into impressionism. Blur the lines and create extraordinary renditions of your subject. How creative can you be?

August: Aperture and Depth of Field Creativity
Show us how creatively you can use your aperture to convey depth of field in your images.

Next Assignments

September: The Way I See Nature
Everyone sees things uniquely. We challenge you to show us how you see and artistically interpret the nature around you.

October: Selective Focus
Drawing focus to a single subject by isolating the focus area. Show us how you use this powerful tool to guide the viewer’s eye.

November: Compelling Transitions
Subtle or dramatic, blending transitions add visual impact. Use your imagination and challenge your technique to show us your transitions.

December: Fine Art with Black & White
One of the most beloved genres of photography. We are looking for powerful images of nature that take advantage of all the zones and convey strength.

January: Centered Compositions
It can be one of the strongest compositions in art, so throw aside the Rule of Thirds, go bold and let your creativity run riot.

February: Macro Nature Assignment
Beautiful macro photographs can even be found in your own backyard.  We are looking for stunning nature images, captured with a macro lens.

March: Nature’s Power & Impact
The force of nature can be powerful, resulting in equally powerful imagery. Show us your visual interpretation of the majesty and drama of nature.

Terms & Conditions
We are delighted to receive your contribution but only on the basis that:

  • You accept that we may decide not to allow publication at our absolute discretion.
  • You warrant to us that all contributions are lawful and do not infringe any rights of any third party and that you will indemnify us in respect of any breach of that warranty.
  • You license Landscape Photography Magazine and FUJIFILM to use the material you provide on our website, Magazine, social media platforms (for promotional reasons) and for more than once. However, your images will always be under your copyright (you can publish them wherever else you wish) and you will always be credited when we publish them. We will never share your contributions with any third party.
  • We reserve the right to crop any photographs submitted by you at our discretion in order to fit the magazine’s design and format.
  • We reserve the right to share your identity with any third party who is claiming that any Material submitted by you violates copyright laws.

  • Please add the entire website URL.
  • Please add the full url of your Facebook page, not your Facebook name.
  • Picture Details

    Please make sure images do not contain copyright signs & sensor dust spots as they will be discarded.

  • Please add your bio in here. Make sure it is between 30-50 words.
  • Drop files here or

    Accepted file types: jpg.

    Make sure the picture is jpg and 3,500 pixels minimum on the long side. Pictures smaller than 3,500 pixels or with watermarks on them will be discarded.
    The red X that appears after the file upload allows you to delete the file and upload a new one, in the case you have uploaded the wrong file.

  • Drop files here or

    Accepted file types: jpg.

    • Make sure the picture is jpg and 2,000 pixels minimum on the long side. Pictures smaller than 2,000 pixels or with watermarks on them will be discarded.
    • Also, make sure it is a head & shoulders picture and your face is visible and in focus, not hiding behind a camera.
    The red X that appears after the file upload allows you to delete the file and upload a new one, in the case you have uploaded the wrong file.


    Once you click the 'Submit' button, you will need to keep your browser window open until the 'Thank you' page is displayed. This will be the confirmation that your submission has been received.

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