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Wall of Fame Winner • Scott Eliot

Reflection Lakes, Mt Rainier NP, USA
Canon 5D Mk IV, Canon 16-35 III, f/14, 0.4sec, ISO 100

The evening before Mt Rainier National Park in Western Washington State USA had been enveloped in thunderstorms from some atmospheric moisture hitting the hot summer air in the pacific northwest. I prefer and plan landscape photography outings based on incoming or exiting weather systems to assist in adding atmospheric interest in my compositions but the heavy storms gave pause to a 03:00 drive from the South Seattle area to scout for sunrise compositions around the Reflection Lakes area which has one of the most iconic views of Mt Rainier in the park.

Hoping for the best we hit the road and after a short while twilight began to reveal clear blue skies around the park. With the cool morning air in place, now I believed that there could be some low-level cool air ground fog pockets forming on the lakes that would be a nice addition to a reflection composition, with the fog as an illustrating interface between the cool mountain air and the summer warmed lake.

Sure enough, as we arrived at the lakes a nice layer had formed and could be seen rising to greet the first light. I began scouting for a composition with some interesting foreground elements of the fresh rain bead covered borders of shrubs of rosy spirea and wildflowers. This is one of the images captured that morning that resonates with me with its peaceful and subtle qualities.

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