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Prockagh, Malin Head, Co Donegal, Ireland
Nikon D 810, Nikon 16-35mm f/4, f/7.1, 30sec, ISO 64

First day of my trip to northern most tip of Ireland was the best. I witnessed this magnificent light at Prockagh in Malin Head regardless weather forecast predicting rain.

I was on location a few hours earlier and went for a nice walk from watch tower to Prockagh. I remember that last year I wasn't able to do this as the weather was horrible. This time, however, the sun was shining and everything looked promising.

I got a little frightened an hour before sunset when the entire sky got covered by dark, thick clouds. For a moment I thought that it was not going to happen. Luckily, the horizon cleared up and it turned to be even better than I was expecting.

I am lucky enough that if I drive 30km in any direction, I lose cellular service and life goes quiet for a while. My wife and I did just that a few weeks ago and took our van down the highway and parked at the Columbia Icefields for the night. We had dinner and wine and then watched as a thunder and lightning storm passed over us.

The next morning as my alarm sounded I considered staying in bed. I was warm and comfortable and the dogs didn't seem to want to move either. After peering out the back window and seeing the beginnings of a spectacular sunrise, I jumped into action and ran down to the stream and fired off a few frames. The light kept coming, so I tried a few different comps and shot for about 40 minutes, arriving back at the van afterwards to a hot cup of coffee. After a quick breakfast, we started the 100km drive back to town and back to our social feeds, but feeling a little more rejuvenated from a quick time away.

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