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POTM Winner • Peter Svoboda

Vik, Iceland • Canon 5D III, Canon 24-70mm, f/11, 1.2sec, ISO 100

I found myself returning to places which are considered cliche as they have been photographed many times before and they have nothing new to offer. Perhaps I return because of the beauty they have to offer, or because I am looking for rare moments that I can enjoy. It is a challenge to use my imagination and visualisation at the same time.

The same goes for the Reynisgrangar rock formations in Iceland. I have visited this place many times during my photographic journeys in Iceland. Visualisation is always something that motivates me and is like fuel for my photography. Sometimes, my expectations are not met if the conditions do not allow. Luckily, my effort were rewarded after all those visits and the long wait that late afternoon in November 2018. The fast moving light rays which found their way through a cloud were the icing on the cake. I was prepared and had set the exposure time to 1.2seconds using my Hoya ND filter and was capturing frame after frame in order to catch the perfect position of both the light rays and waves.

I always expect fast action when I am outdoors with my camera and I recommend to all photographers to be ready for any eventuality during conditions of fast changing transient light.

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