Monochromatic Inspirations Winner • Frank Hoogeboom
Vik i Myrdal, Iceland

This is the well-known and often photographed black sand beach near the town of Vik i Myrdal in the south of Iceland. I have photographed this area before but I could not resist having another attempt the second time I visited. I noticed that there was a sort of dyke in place which offered nice views of this famous beach and the even more famous pinnacles in the background. What I failed to see at my first visit was the small river running along the dyke from the sea towards the mainland. I immediately knew this had to be my foreground interest.

Furthermore I wanted to use a 10-stop filter to add a mystic look to the water and hopefully get some movement in the clouds. I also knew this had to be a monochrome image.

Luckily, the light was with us and I ended up with quite a pleasing image in my bag. Not sure if my next visit there will be as successful as this one was!

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