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Intimate Landscapes Winner: Yulia Nazarenko

Moscow Region, Russia
Canon 1Ds Mk III, Canon 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS, f/11, 1/4sec, ISO 50

It was late at night and just before I found out that the next morning we should expect heavy snowfall. With no doubt that it would definitely happen I had to make arrangements to visit a landscape location.

However, although I left early in the morning, I was caught up by the heavy snowfall on my way there. I had no choice but give up my plans. I turned to the nearest beautiful countryside and tried to create some images that convey the impression, I think, of a snowy winter scene.

It was very important to catch in a frame both the falling snow and the mist in the woods. I set the value of exposure time to a 1/4 second to have mild traces of falling snow. A soft glow in the background gave a snow shroud itself. It turned out fabulous, with a slightly mystical atmosphere.

We wish to congratulate this month’s 'Intimate Landscape' winner. This gorgeous picture can be viewed in High Definition in the latest issue of the magazine


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Your feature will be published in Landscape Photography Magazine and will be promoted via our website and our social media platforms.

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