eBook • Mastering The Art Of Composition

Composition is the most important aspect of photography to master. A snapshot shows the world what your camera sees, but when you create a composition, you show the world what you see. This critically acclaimed book will allow you to unlock the composition secrets of the great masters.

Visual Flow: Mastering the Art of Composition is an artistic tour de force, spanning several centuries and different artistic media in its quest to reveal the composition secrets of the great masters. Although the focus of the book is on nature photography composition, the techniques discussed within are easily applicable to other types of photography, and (more broadly) to other forms of two-dimensional visual art as well. As such, artists of all types should find this book useful.

Visual Flow: Mastering the Art of Composition is a 287-page downloadable PDF ebook filled with informative text, stunning full-colour images, and plenty of insights and inspiration. This ebook is newly designed to optimise viewing across multiple platforms including computer screens and iPads.

PDF format eBook, 287 pages, 64mb • Price £15.99

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    I’ve got this somewhere in the depths of one of my hardrives, and have to say its an excellent book. I’m sure I was recommended this by you, aswell.