eBook • Seeing The Unseen

This is an eBook about time: the timescales and distances involved in our available night light and the real time of our exposures.

The aim of this eBook is to create a comprehensive guide to Landscape Photography at Night, covering state of the art techniques. As photographers the world over strive to push beyond the limits and limitations of their gear, new techniques are evolving allowing contemporary landscape photographers to express themselves as never before.

Using many of these techniques for night images is still in its infancy. Everyone who is out there trying, because of books like this, is helping to pioneer the art form. The coming decade will push the boundaries further as DSLR sensor technology and digital processing continues to open new ground. We really are riding on the crest of the wave in this field.

It is time to embrace the challenges of Available Night Light and looking at the night-wreathed landscape with your own unique vision, and your mission of Seeing the Unseen.

PDF format eBook, 92 pages, 25mb • Price £5.95

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