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    Has the picture you submitted been uploaded? Well, when a submission form has been fully uploaded, you would see the Thank You message. If you have not, then the upload has failed.

    If you saw the Thank You message, then your picture is in a queue. It might take 3 - 7 days for a picture to be published, depending on the amount of submissions we have received at that time. Once your picture has been published, we will inform you via email (make sure our emails do not end in your spam folder).

    Before you contact us, here are some helpful tips to make sure your submission is successful

    1) Before you upload your picture, make sure the JPG file title does not contain any strange symbols. For instance, if your file name has symbols such as these (Ä Ḉ Ô à ä æ è), then the upload will fail. It is best to title your picture file in a simple way such as GB1.jpg

    2) All uploaded pictures must be JPG and between of 3500 - 4000 pixels on the long side.

    3) Make sure the picture file size is not larger than 6-8MB or you might have problems uploading it (much depends on your own internet upload speed).

    4) If you follow our tips above and you still have upload problems, log out of the website, clear your browser cache and cookies and restart your computer. If problem persists, use the contact form below.