Read The Manual

Read the Manual

Andy Brown urges you to make sure you learn and understand the settings of your camera and how best to use it, so you know how to use them once you are in the field

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Competition Time by Andy Brown

Competition Time

No matter what motivates your landscape photography, one of the biggest drivers in bettering your work comes through the response from a panel of judges…

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Exposure Bracketing Free Content

Exposure Bracketing

Andy Brown explains how you can use the exposure bracketing technique to achieve better dynamic range in order to create more pleasing landscape photographs

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A Third of the Way Andy Brown

A Third of the Way

The rule of thirds is a very well-known technique for adding dynamism to your images. Andy Brown explains why it works and how to use it

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Focal Length Decisions by Andy Brown

Focal Length Decisions

A daunting array of lenses await the landscape photographer – many of them seemingly exorbitantly priced. Andy Brown shares his thoughts on choosing lenses

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the low down

The Low Down

Low light photography requires a lot of practice, but when mastered it can give highly dramatic results. Andy Brown shares some tips on how to get it right

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photographic tempo

Photographic Tempo

There is a reason that the acts of taking a photograph and of writing music are both called composition. Andy Brown shows the links between these two…

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Transient Landscape

A photographer quickly learns to appreciate the seasonal variances and lighting conditions and how they create a transient landscape picture.

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