John Brooks

Any art-form is a personal matter of taste and the interaction of the viewer with the subject matter. My years of study of architectural form through my work has shaped my perception of this subject. Also I have travelled extensively around the world since an early age and consequently the many cultures and varieties of landscape encountered have influenced my view of the world. I have been particularly inspired by the work of David Hockney and Harry Callahan and very much admire the work of, in no particular order, Fred Hertzog and Joel Meyerowitz. In the first 20 years of my work all images were created with my 50 year old Rolleiflex using Kodak VPS or Portra color negative emulsion rated at 160ASA. No other technical information is offered, I am not a techno freak, for me the composition is what counts. Over the last ten years much of my work has been created using extremely light and colour sensitive cameras , both Digital and film cameras of medium and large format, adding to the accessibility of the subject. The subjects are often abstractions and worked on to fully explore their potential and depth as a statement of the perceived nature of the subject.