Stegen am Ammersee Boathouses, Germany by Mike Page

Picture Story

After yet another week of home office I knew I had to get out and get some air (and light). As it was below - 10°C I knew that it would end up being a short shoot if I didn’t dress up very warmly. I'm fortunate to live a 10 min car drive from one of Bavaria's most photographed lakes, the Ammersee. The northern end is just off the Autobahn connecting Munich to Lindau on Lake Constance and thanks to the old wooden boathouses and jetties there are a number of “classic shots”, the 'tog's equivalent of a golfer's gimme.

Despite the freezing temperatures and shallow water the lake didn't start freezing until a couple of days after I took this shot. After hacking some poorly composed shots of one of my favourite jetties I started heading back to the car, taking me past this row of old boathouses that I must have taken dozens of times over the years. They catch the light of the setting sun quite nicely, but this image in the blue hour still required exposure bracketing to allow enough light on the wooden structures. Putting the camera low on the tripod to catch the tiny inlet caused by a stream running into the lake let me capture this 5 s exposure just before the stars started appearing.

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