Rural Norfolk, Kenninghall, Norfolk, England by John Brooks

Picture Story

Winter may be identified by snow and that is undeniable, but snow does not always necessarily indicate winter. Mountains may be covered in snow in the summer and exist adjacent to the hottest place on earth, so we can be deceived by snow sometimes.

Just as the sea produces waves caused by the wind so then snow can emulate waves induced by wind-power, especially the east coast the wind which comes from Siberia bearing a present of ice and snow.

I always feel that the east coast of England is blessed with a great quality of light. One that is gentle, soft, and kind. Maybe something to do with the curvature of the earth and the path the light takes at that angle over the ocean to reach our shores! Similarly, the east coast of the United States is graced by the same sort of light.

My connections with the east coast in England and United States goes back for generations as my forbears on my mother and father’s sides each came from the eastern side of their respective countries. Each time I visit the east coasts of either land mass I feel a strong connection and emotional attachment.

The other similarity is that both these coasts have very cold winters!

The particular part of the east coast that I was visiting was the beautiful village of Kenninghall which lies in Norfolk and not far from the Suffolk border. In summer, this land is often painted with the gold of the cornfields or yellow of the oil seed rape. But now it was the dead of winter, blisteringly cold with the bite of the east wind straight sweeping over the fields of winter wheat and hedgerows sculpting snow waves in emulation of the sea not far away. However, the sun was out and bathed the fields of snow with its soft light of the mid-afternoon and painted this picture of the “land-sea”.

The frozen ears and lips were well worth the resulting image.

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