Neist Point, Isle of Skye, Scotland by Mary Spiteri

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Picture Story

This image for me is a trip down memory lane... I had been ill for quite some time and after my recovery my son and I went together to the Isle of Skye for a photography shoot , just the two of us. I moved to Scotland from Oxford exactly a year ago this month and decided to rediscover the locations again on my own.

I left at 5am with all my supplies as if going away for a week; emergency rations such as food, blankets, water, extra medication, flask, whistle . You name it , I had it. So, with the same route planned that I had done previously I excitedly set off to both remember and experience again the joys of travel and landscape photography. Excuse the pun, but recapturing those experiences through the senses just made me so very happy. The elementals, wind, rain, smells , cold and seeing your breath in the air all make up and complete the experience like no other. I like the struggle, the challenge even the failure because I learn something every time.

I arrived at this particular just after midday , I had already been on the Isle of Skye for 5 hours so was already tired. I had completely forgotten just how incredibly windy it gets up on the ridge! Its not an exaggeration so say that it would be possible for you to be blown off the peninsular. Needless to say the excitement, adrenaline and eagerness to get the photo done and get back to a warm car was a huge incentive. It was taken at the end of November having purposefully gone after tourist season to have the place to myself which indeed I did. So... strong winds, incredibly cold I took several compositions and was pleased in particular with this one because I managed to catch a boat passing in the frame as if emphasising the raison d'être for the lighthouse. The journey to the lighthouse is equally as impressive as the arrival point itself. Windy roads, sheep, views to die for en-route for me an emotional connection. Many thousands of people go and photograph this location for those very same reasons. I will undoubtedly return. I moved here because Scotland has my heart and my soul. It is magical, majestic ,mysterious , elemental ,immersive and at times overwhelming in its beauty. Enjoy.

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