Needle, Utah, USA by Peter Boehringer

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Picture Story

Badlands, as the name it already says, are not quite suitable because its rocky terrain, lack of water and extreme temperatures made it difficult to traverse. This was an old understanding as nowadays these lands area great place for hiking and scenic landscape, abstract and intimate photography. Exploring these lands is a real delight and full of hidden surprises, although caution is always advised as these are rugged lands of difficult access.

On a hot May day I explored a large badland area in southern Utah. I entered an unexplored valley. After a short hike the valley made a bend and provided me with stunning view. I was completely overwhelmed by the sight of a gigantic spire situated in the middle of the enclosed valley. The commanding spire was towering the entire scenery. Multiple different point of views were scouted in the heat of the day to finally find the right composition which placed all elements in the right relation. Now it was just a matter to wait for the day to cool off and have the right golden light to finish up the shot. The meteorologic conditions were somewhat a challenge as the sky was overcast with a stubborn haze, but at the end this was exactly what plunged the light and the entire scene into a marvelous soft moment. Instead of a harsh light the sun light was filtered and attenuated. A soft ND grad allowed to bring down the bright light in the sky and clouds and gave an even exposure throughout the image. The final image is a stitch of 4 vertical photographs.

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