Musgrave Road Falls, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada by Barbara Levy

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Picture Story

Salt Spring, nestled in the Salish Sea between the mainland and Vancouver Island, is an island of hidden gems for landscape photographers and for poets like me, who appreciate the ethereal beauty to be found here in British Columbia with its rugged mountains.

And during the winter, after the island has been deluged with rainstorm after rainstorm and as the mist begins to roll through the trees, I head to the waterfalls, whose thundering cascades reinvigorate my body and soul. Reaching the falls off Musgrave Road is not for the faint of heart, however, as this dirt road is treacherous with its many potholes and ruts and sheer drops as you approach the falls. But when you finally reach your destination and are first welcomed by the forest, with its giant maple and fir trees, you forget the harrowing drive and the cold of the wet winter cutting through the air, right through to the bone. And after you walk a little ways into the woods, you come upon a magical scene framed by two towering cedar trees — angel-hair tresses serpentining through moss-covered rocks and ferns. It is heavenly!

The image you see was captured two years ago in mid-January after the island had been ravaged by a devastating windstorm in December. Slender trees had toppled over, creating bridges across the main waterfall, but these changes made for interesting photos I later discovered. I like this composition because, for me, it creates this intimate space bordered by some of those small trees and their filigree like branches. I feel I’ve been able to capture the same sense of peace I felt washing over me as I gazed at those flowing waters.

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