Lone Tree, Farndale, Yorkshire, England by Janet Burdon

Picture Story

This is one of my ‘go to’ trees when the snow comes to my area of North Yorkshire. I love the shape of the tree and the dale fading into the background gives the image depth.

This image was captured on a very changeable day, the squalls were coming up the valley and one minute it was bright sunshine and the next you could hardly see for the snow. It went very dark as a squall blew over, then the sun broke through a gap in the clouds as the next squall travelled up the dale lighting the tree perfectly as it came. Luckily, I had the wind and weather at my back which meant I could keep the lens relatively free of snow.

The snow in this part of the UK doesn’t usually last long so when it comes, I must be ready. Watching the weather forecast is a must in preparing for these conditions. Winter is the time for taking this scene, I’ve tried it in summer and for me it is far too ‘green’, you don’t get the separation between the foreground and background.

Farndale is a beautiful dale all year round and is perhaps more famous for its wild daffodils than its winter scenery, but for me winter is the time to be there. However, you will need winter tyres or a 4 x 4 to get into the dale, whatever direction you approach from it is a nail-biting steep descent to the valley floor and you still have to get back out again!

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