Lava Field, Myrdalsjokull, Iceland by Dawn Fisher

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Picture Story

Throughout the summer within Iceland the interior roads open, allowing visitors with a 4x4 to travel, these roads are marked with wooden posts roughly 20-25 metres apart. This allows visitors to escape from the main tourist attractions. The interior of Iceland has various lava fields/deserts as well as geothermal areas and glaciers, allowing visitors to feel the seclusion and the enormity of lava that volcanoes can produce.

Touring through Iceland, heading towards Landmannalaugar we encountered dry arid lava fields created by Katla volcano, which last erupted in 1918. The shutter speed had to be high as we were travelling in a 4 wheel drive over soft sandy ground, the wind had picked up and was whipping a beautiful sandy and sunny haze.

Driving into the sand storm reduced visibility to 10 metres, making it very difficult to make out the road marker posts. The sand particles were coming through the air vents of the vehicle, even closing the vents still allowed grit through making the air inside the vehicle gritty.

What appears to be a stunning, surreal land it can have very dangerous consequences.

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