Lake Tanuki, Shizuoka, Japan by Francis Ansing

Picture Story

This image was taken in Lake Tanuki, Shizuoka, Japan. It was February 2020 when I and other 3 photographer friends visited the 7 seven lakes around Mount Fuji. I borrowed a car from my Japanese-Portuguese friend in Tokyo to tour around my friends and take photos. It was day 2 of our tour and we were in Lake Tanuki when the car suddenly breakdown. I didn't start, battery problem I guessed. We were done shooting and supposed to head to a restaurant for breakfast but we couldn't drive. I called my friend in Tokyo to tell about the car and he said he was coming down to Shizuoka for a replacement. What a friend! While waiting, I walked around the lake to take few more shots. The reflection of Mount Fuji and the huge lenticular clouds was so defined at that time. I took a few shots and went to a vendo machine to grab a hot coffee. It was freezing because it was winter. My friend arrived on a car of the same model. He jumpstarted our car and he let us use the one he just drove to rescue us. We headed to Ise kyoto after breakfast that day.

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