Interview With Marc Adamus

Marc Adamus is an award-winning landscape photographer. In this interview he discusses with Tiffany Reed Briley about technology, photo tours and the importance of being true to yourself in your photography

Marc, let’s jump into some relatively light-hearted questions to get started. If we opened your camera bag what would we find in there?

You know, for me what is in the camera bag certainly depends on the nature of the trip that I’m doing. A lot depends on whether it’s a long distance backpacking trip, or if it’s just getting out of the car to lead a tour group. I would say I mostly like to keep at least 3 lenses with me. Those lenses being the Nikon 14-24mm, 24-70mm and the 80-400mm. I shoot with the Nikon D810. I use a variety of neutral density filters and polarizers for each lens as well.

Do you have any opinions on mirrorless cameras? Have you tested anything you like?

As it is, I own a company that does tours throughout the year, so I get to pretty much see it all. During the tours we do a lot of digital imaging with Photoshop. This allows me to see the files processed from many different cameras and from different situations.

At heart I am not a tech person at all. I am very much an artist, and the technical side of it doesn’t interest me and never has. So much of that information comes from my clients, real world experience and from seeing these other cameras in action. Honestly, there is not a lot more that I would desire out of my camera system at the present time. Certainly we would all love to have ...

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