Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone, Wyoming, USA by Roy Goldsberry

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Picture Story

Our original plan for fall 2020 was to fly to New Mexico, attend some events, and then travel around the state for photography. Well, the events were called off, and New Mexico wanted visitors to quarantine for 2 weeks, so my wife and I cancelled that trip.

As an alternative, we decided to do a driving trip from Michigan across the northern states to Wyoming, stopping at some places we had not been to before, and spending a week in the Grand Teton mountains, where we had only spent a couple days in 2011.

We had allowed a little extra time there for bad weather, but it stayed nice, so we used a day to go back to Yellowstone National Park in the Upper and Midway Geyser Basin areas. One of the most amazing features there is the Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest hot spring in the world. The colors are derived from different bacteria that live at the varying temperatures across the spring.

It can be difficult to photograph here. There is a boardwalk that runs along the spring pool, but the view can be blocked by steam rising off the hot surface. Also, the boardwalk is very low, and the spring is over 100 meters across, so the perspective makes it hard to see. What I did was this: I extended my tripod legs, stood on a bench, put the camera on timer delay, and then with a firm grip on the tripod by the lower legs I raised the camera well above my head. That gave me the best view that I could get of the spring from close up.

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