Ely Waterside, Cambridgeshire, England by Aron Radford

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Picture Story

Taken at Ely waterside, Cambridgeshire, UK on a very cold frosty morning in late December. The image was a single 13 sec exposure at f/11 using an f/4 16-35mm lens. I came to Ely for some cool sunrise cloud formations the weather apps had forecast and this composotion was literally just a time filler as I got my gear set up. What caught my eye was the warmth of the sodium lighting in the middle of the blue cold frosty scene. The orange and red canal boats accentuated the pleasing colour contrast. Initially the image didn’t really pop but after some split toning in post to cool the shadows and warm the highlights and a dark vignette and a warm radial filter centred around the lamp the image really came to life. The rest of the day fell flat and so this image saved my day from being a wipe out.

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