Bow Lake, Canada by John Pedersen

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Last winter before the pandemic shut down travel, I ventured to Canada to photograph the area around Lake Louise and the Icefield Parkway. If you love mountains and winter scenes, this is the place to visit!

On this particular day we were traveling back from a sunrise shoot at Abraham Lake and the methane bubbles. We had experienced partly cloudy skies all morning which lent itself to some great colorful images. It is a lengthy drive from Abraham Lake to Lake Louise so by the time we got to the southern end of the ice field parkway, the sun had risen higher in the sky and was not presenting the best light for imagery.

However, when we came upon Bow Lake and saw the way the clouds were in the sky and the broad unbroken expanse of the frozen lake, we knew we had to stop. I quickly got out the gear and hopped the snow berm on the side of the road...immediately sinking up to my waist in snow! With a lot of work, I managed to stomp out a trail down to the edge of the lake were I set up my tripod and camera.

Because of the angle and quality of sunlight I didn't think color would work very well so I switched my brain to think and see in monochrome, looking for tonalities and tonal range across compositions. This particular image became one of my favorites from that location as it was a classic winter mountain scene as well as having a full tonal range. I shot in both color and monochrome and in the end decided to stay with the Fujifilm Acros film simulation for the final image.

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