Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA by Cameron Fowler

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Picture Story

On a traveling field camp with Lehigh University, I visited Badlands National Park in South Dakota, USA, one of my favorite places for interesting landscapes. We camped there for three nights in early June, 2011. The sky was clear as is typical for this dry environment, and the sun provided plenty of light for this mid-afternoon scene. The muted colors show several layers of sedimentary rock that were deposited in a shallow sea over millions of years, then uplifted and eroded to show the alternately jagged or smooth surfaces that are present today. These rocks are soft and can be easily dug into with a knife. They contain numerous fossils of prehistoric animals that lived in the area. The area is called Badlands because of the difficulty of traveling through them with horse-drawn wagons as people headed for opportunity in the wild west of the United States.

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