Ancient Lake Lahontan Basin, Nevada, USA by Mike Clasen

Picture Story

This scene captures a short moment of a very intense lightning storm spanning over 60 miles wide that moved through this area of the Ancient Lake Lahontan Basin in Nevada, starting numerous wildfires on August 9th 2017. When I arrived at this area the lightning was consistently firing off in the distance beyond, and I saw a fire start where the main concentration of lightning is located in this scene. The black smoke quickly started rising from burning cheat grass and sage brush, and was then quickly dowsed by heavy downpours that swept across the desiccated lake bed, the fire was out within minutes after it started.

This is a single exposure for the earthly portion, and an exposure blend/composite for the sky. Five different captures of lightning were blended together to display the intensity, of which all lightning strikes were captured within seconds of each other, which made blending them easy.

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