Zion National Park, Utah, USA by Wade Thorson

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Picture Story

I was fortunate enough to get a permit to hike the Left Fork of North Creek to the Subway in Zion National Park. Mid November this year already saw temperatures below freezing and there was ice in the shadows. Knowing the conditions, I suited up with canyoneering gear; special neoprene waders with sticky soles rented from nearby Springdale.

The creek is known for may waterfalls, and I spent the early morning shooting them with every possible combination of angles, shutter speeds, and reflected light. Each shot started with a tripod, but when I exhausted the standard possibilities I began to experiment with other ideas to see where it might go.

This shot was taken with a wide to standard angle zoom lens. Having the shutter speed already at a long exposure, I began to try some in camera movement (ICM). In this case instead of moving the actual camera I zoomed the lens out during the 1.3s exposure, still attached to the tripod. Many times ICM results in a what looks like a double exposure, where items look duplicated. This image did not , due to what I attribute to being still attached to a tripod. This time a sharp concept and a fuzzy image may have created a visually compelling image!

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