Yellowstone, Wyoming, USA by Helder Silva

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Picture Story

While the Grand Prismatic Spring might be the most iconic and colorful attraction of Yellowstone, there are many other places to enjoy in this gigantic national park.

When I’m out hiking and exploring nature, I try to appreciate both gorgeous expansive views and the tiny details. Those details are commonly overlooked but quite incredible. This photo is one such detail - it’s a closeup of the Lower Falls of Yellowstone River. In that moment, the sunlight was shining on the waterfall at just the right angle to create this rainbow effect. I find that when I take my time hiking and look closely enough, I’m mesmerized by nature’s shapes, lighting, and colors when I least expect it, just like this lighting detail on the waterfall.

Yellowstone’s landscapes and wildlife are awe-inspiring and diverse. I spent a week exploring it, and I can’t wait to go back. For me, it’s important to get outside, breathe in the fresh air, pay close attention to all that’s around me, and always respect the wilderness.

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