Yachats, Oregon, USA by Brenda Tharp

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Picture Story

We had been spending most of the morning photographing north of this location, in the forest and on the coast for morning light. After our lunch break, we were heading to another location when the fog began to roll in - and quickly at that. As we drove past the lighthouse turnoff, I glanced back to see what it looked like, and quickly decided that we had to turn around and make that a stop before going anywhere else. It was just that good! The fog was rolling in and out, allowing us to see the headlands now and then and see the lighthouse.

It was constantly changing, so I knew we'd have to spend some time to time it right so we could see lands formations and have the lighthouse beacon lit in our photographs. It was important to overexpose the scene in order to keep the fog from being a somber middle-tone gray - so I set my compensation for +1 stop overexposed; I knew that I would play with that exposure in post-processing to get the mood I felt while standing there. I varied my focal length and composition, but in the end, this was my favorite version, because of the way the fog flowed, and the balance of land in view. After about 40 minutes, the fog won out - and the land and lighthouse were obscured - and with that, we packed up. But we knew our next location would be encased in fog as well, so we turned instead to head inland to the forests nearby, which were lush green and moody with the fog.

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