Winton North, Victoria, Australia by Rene Martens

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Picture Story

I was looking at trying something different in my photography and did see something similar some time back and decided to try my hand at this. I do usually grab some photos in Winton Wetlands (Northeast Victoria near Benalla where I live) and to get the affect you really need to have some lines to make it look real but abstract. In Winton Wetlands there is a few areas that have ‘clumps’ of trees that used to be Red Gum Forests but now are dead sculptured areas as it was made into a dam for farming irrigation and now returned back to a Wetlands area that just seemed to fit the bill.

I do like driving through the Wetlands as it allows me to see different things depending on when I am able to drive through. Most of my photography both from the ground and from the air is done while I drive through the wetlands as it does allow one to see quite a few different locations to stop and grab a photo or 2. Also enjoy Drone photography of the Wetlands that allows me (and of course others) to see the wetlands from a different aspect.

This type of photography requires that you have to set the camera at a slow shutter speed but to also allow the photo to have some feeling of clarity so the viewer can see what you are trying to show off – I do like to challenge my photography and this is just one of those challenges that I hope others will like as well.

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