Waterfall, NW Tasmania, Australia by Ron Rainbow

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Picture Story

During a photography excursion in the wilderness of North West Tasmania, Australia recently, my friend and I discovered this little known beautiful waterfall. We had attended a macrophotography workshop on native fungi in a beautiful rain forest and decided to go waterfall hunting afterwards. We had a tip from a bush walker giving us a very rough idea how to find these particular relatively unknown falls. After an hour of bush bashing through wet forest and heavy rain we heard the sound of rushing water and then came across a small valley. We descended down through the thick scrub, found a fast flowing creek and walked upstream rock hopping over slippery boulders until we found this gem. What a find.

When we arrived at the base of the falls the problem getting a spot to capture the glory of the falls and the right angle was quite problematic. We also had trouble finding a safe area for setting up our tripods and attaching filter holders and filters on our cameras. We needed filters due to variability of the light in that area. The valley was quite dark and had lots of shadows, but every so often the sun shone through gaps in the clouds making it necessary to use a filter to allow longer exposures. I used a NISI 10 stop ND filter which allowed me to have a shutter speed of 6 seconds with an ISO setting of 100. We took many photos from different vantage points and that in itself was difficult due to the density of the forest and slipperiness of the ground.

This photo was one of my best due to the light on the moss covered rocks and the lead in to the falls on the right side of the photo. We were there in March this year which is our autumn. Tasmania is a superb place for waterfall hunting and many have easy access, but others require the correct bushwalking gear and experience in bushwalking. These falls would be impossible to find unless you had the right instructions on how to get there. There are no tracks.

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