Warwickshire Village, England by Simon Betteridge

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Picture Story

I'd been desperate to get out with my camera for a while having not been out for nearly two weeks, the weather had been flat, grey with dull skies, certainly nothing to persuade me to get out bed early for! Each evening I would study the weather apps looking for any signs of a promising sunrise, however one night what I did notice was a morning forecast of high humidity and a chance there could be some mist. This was it, my reason to set the alarm early and head out with my gear.

I was delighted to see the morning mist had arrived as forecast, however time was against me, I would need to stay in my local village in Warwickshire as sunrise was around 8am and would need to be back to help out with the school run shortly before 9am. I shot out of the door at 7am on foot and raced up the lane to a location I had in mind. When I arrived, it was in fact way too misty, I couldn't see anything. I headed over to another location, again way too misty for any kind of composition. I started to panic, this was the morning I was hoping for and to return home without a photograph was something I wasn't prepared to do!

I had one more location in mind which led me back in to the village and back home. I headed over and down this lane, I could just about see the church tower poking out in the distance. A composition from ground level wasn't going to work so I decided to fly my drone and discover what I could see. Once launched, I only needed to fly a few metres up which then gave much improved separation of the mist and what would reveal this lovely viewpoint.

My perseverance and staying locally certainly paid off with only minutes to spare to prepare for that school run!

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