Vovousa Old Bridge, Epirus, Greece by Theodora Artemiadi

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Picture Story

A picture in Vovousa bridge early in the morning. That morning the village was partially covered by a low mist. The combination of Autumn’s colors, the river, the morning light and the mist added a beautiful mystery in the place.

I was changing my position continuously for at least 1.5 hour that morning trying to get as many pictures as I could. I was chasing the light and the fog that offered many different compositions. When you are in a photographer’s paradise you must be really focused on what you want otherwise you can easily loose your chance. I wasn’t focused in the contrary I was going up and down in the village carrying my heavy equipment.

I was lucky enough to get some of the pictures I wanted, and this is one of them, basically it is my favorite one from that morning.

The bridge is an old stone bridge dated from 1748 and it connects the two parts of Vovousa village that is separated by Aoos river. The bridge is still used today by all the villagers and the visitors.

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