Voobu, Jarva County, Estonia by Risto Hunt

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Picture Story

Late summer 2019 I decided to go to bogs for sunrises at several weekends. I hadn’t done that for several years and I felt now is the time. So, for many mornings in August-October 2019 I woke up early to drive into nature by sunrise. As Estonia is quite small country, it mostly takes 1-2 hour drive to get to a destination.

For that morning I had chosen a bog located in Võõbu county, Estonia. The plan was to be at location about an hour before the sunrise to walk around a bit and find suitable location. I slept in and finally after fast driving in a misty morning (very dangerous!) I arrived to location roughly 15min before the golden hour. Fortunately, I remembered something about this marsh as I had been there approximately 5 years ago as well. So, I ended up standing at a boardwalk, looking to my right and seeing nice slim piece of land with pine trees in a row, and one small lake behind that, slightly vaporing, and another in front of that, calm and perfectly mirroring trees. That was it – My spot for the morning. Because the temperature was around 0 degrees Celsius this morning, lakes did not vapor strongly and as a result mist became visible only at distance. I waited a few minutes until the sun rises a bit more and took the photo.

To balance the expose of land and the sky, I used a graduated ND filter to darken the sky a bit. Otherwise the light was quite good this morning.

I really enjoy going into nature for sunrise. Yes, it is very difficult to wake up early in the morning for night owl. But once in a location, no regrets whatever the weather is. Idyllic moments!

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