Vestrahorn, Iceland by Andy Gray

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Picture Story

This was my first visit to Vestrahorn. Upon arrival I was blown away by the sheer drama of the place. I was fortunate to be there in relatively clear conditions with low lying mist on the beach and some cloud lingering around the peak of Vestrahorn itself. A stark contrast to the day before with driving wind, rain and limited visibility. Its almost as if the scene has evolved specifically for the photographer in mind. A long sweeping stretch of beach leading nicely up to the mountain at the end, finished off with a touch of cloud, quite often present early morning. Then there is the 3rd element of the ocean itself. Great for long or short exposure photography, monochrome or colour?

The options are endless even though it is rapidly becoming a very over photographed place. Reflections work well here as the expanse of beach act as a mirror reflection for the mountain, depending on the tide times and shutter speed selected. I was only at this site for 2 hours but it felt like 10 minutes as you can get carried away with excitement and anticipation. One could easily stay here all day seeking out different compositions. Vestrahorn is so photogenic it’s hard to capture a poor image with just some basic photographic knowledge required. The challenge though is finding a shot that is unique. Most images you see of here appear to be in colour. But converting to monochrome I think is worth the effort as the dynamic shapes, patterns and lines really come to the fore. If you ever get to visit Vestrahorn I would strongly recommend also visualizing in black and white, as you may be surprised at the results.

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