Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona, USA by Michael Perea

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Picture Story

I made it to this area just in time for sunset, after a long, deep-sand, 4x4 road and a 5 hour drive. Once we parked, we grabbed our gear and ran for the sandstone rock formations that make up this otherworldly area. The sun was just about to break the horizon, and I couldn't find any composition I really liked. I took few shots at 2 different locations, but wasn't satisfied with the images. At this point, the sun had already gone down. I had seen this rock formation on prior trips, but attempted to photograph it from a different angle. Whether it was composition, or conditions, I never really took a photo I was satisfied with.

I approached the rock formation from a different angle this time. The sun had just gone down, but there was still a glow on the west face. I found this beautiful leading line in the sandstone, and it reminded of a serpent, the way it winded through, ending at the head/top. I set up my tripod, made sure the lines all worked compositionally with the subject, and was able to take this photo as the light and sky were absolutely perfect. The light was soft, the colors in the sky were pastel warm and cool tones, and the composition was something I was extremely happy with.

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