Vermilion Lakes, Banff, Canada by Alastair Craig

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Picture Story

During a visit to Banff in Canada in late 2019, with my wife, one of the main targets was to capture some sunrise and sunset shots from the lakes near our hotel - picked because it was in the centre of a cluster of them.

This shot came from one of our morning visits to a carpark near the main road up to our hotel from Vermilion Lakes. Here, there is a tempting glimpse of the roseate hues of dawn to the left of Mount Rundle and some beautifully subdued waters and clouds, due to the long exposure. We had very little chance to grab these shots because a couple of tourists chose to sit pout on the tiny jetty on the left and then move around constantly in front of the numerous other shooters pitched up around the lake! How to win friends and influence people!

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