Death Valley National Park, California, USA by Robert Strain

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Picture Story

Sometimes we see sensuous curves and are immediately drawn to them. At other times we wait for light to create those curves. That was the case for this image as I lingered, waiting for these curves to appear. On sand dunes, sexy and photogenic curves are most likely to occur on the side of the dunes opposite the sun or the sides parallel to the direction of the sun.

Multiple curves are discovered most easily on broad dunes, not just a single end of a dune. I look for areas where light will be in the center and darker shadows will be on the edges. In this case, I waited as the light created the most attractive form and was rewarded as the breeze picked up to underscore the curves with the blowing sand highlighted by the sun before it entirely dipped over the top of the sand dune. By presenting the image in black and white, our focus goes to the design elements, increasing the sense of flow through the image. Walking around dunes and enjoying the light changes is a pleasure not to be missed!

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