Trani City, Puglia, Italy by Antonio Prodon

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Picture Story

Every year, on the first of the new year, I try to take a sunrise photo. This picture rapresent the green lightehouse placed in the port of Trani city, in Puglia south of Italy, and was taken on the 1st January 2019.

That day was really windy and waves crashed on rocks and sea water bathed me, but this water was creating also interesting puddles on pier, puddles that was perfect for reflections of the lighthouse.

Light condition was cool, with the sun that was under clouds that are arrinving, also clouds was really interesting, them was big black clouds with rain under them.

I used the pict with sun on back of clouds that was colouring the contour and the rain. Other peoples was with me there and them was walking nearly the lighthouse, fortunately them gone away soon due to cold and wind and I remained alone and was able to take this picture before the light and cloud condition changed drastically.

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