Thierrens, Switzerland by Alexander Gellner

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Picture Story

Winter can have many faces – beautiful white landscapes against clear blue skies, dramatic and heavy clouds just before a snow storm, trees with frosty leaves, conifers aching under the burden of heavy snow - this season offers motives galore. When I headed out one day last winter, the conditions offered none of the above. Next to zero visibility, a grey and dull sky, and the fields and hills just covered with enough snow to hide all details, but not enough to provide appealing lines or shapes. After a few hours of wandering around with growing frustration and diminishing body temperature I found this lonely tree in front of a line of other trees. I took a picture of it, more out of desperation than conviction, and it was only back at the computer when I realized the potential for an abstract image. The dull conditions had swallowed everything in the foreground and the background. A bit of tweaking in post-production emphasizing the contrasts and streamlining the highlights brought out the essence of that day.

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