The Groyne Lighthouse, South Shields, UK by Ken Sparnon

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Picture Story

I wanted to get the chance of capturing an image of the comet we currently have with us Neowise, and with the weather forcast predicting clear skies off i headed to my local coastal location of South Shields which is located in South Tyneside Tyne & Wear, England.

On Arrival at my destination at around 11.30pm and with a nice compostion in mind with the Groyne Lighthouse as a mid ground feature, i headed off down to the beach where its perfectly dark and secluded and perfect for astro photography style images. Once at the beach front I bumped into a fellow local photographer with the same thoughts in mind, we shared alittle chat and went for our search of finding Neowise in the clear but minimal cloud covering.

Neowise was very hard to see with the naked eye and i had to use the camera to find it. I managed to get 3 images of about 7 that i took. With a limited of compostions to get with the location, i was more than happy with what i got, judging from the back of the camera view.

Even at its closest distance, Neowise will still be around 64 million miles, or 103 million kilometres, away, which is around 400 times further than the moon. Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) was discovered in late March and brightened as it reached its closest approach to the Sun, inside the orbit of Mercury, late last week.

As of a couple of days ago comet Neowise has moved through to the constellation of Lynx onwards into Ursa Major, hence why its getting harder to find. It shall be another 6,766 years before Neowise makes another appearance, so i am pleased i managed to get out and see it whilst it was with us.

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